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We love what we do

We are a global company with a global purpose. It’s how we inspire exceptional performance. We are driven by our purpose.

Our working process

We want to act on the social and environmental issues facing the world and we want to enhance people’s lives with our products.

The President

Against the backdrop of the post-COVID economic recovery, the healthcare industry has witnessed a shift in consumer habits worldwide. From East to West, routes-to-market are becoming more diverse, complex and competitive, the result of which has provoked companies to explore alternative sources of development and sustainability.

Built upon a foundation of creative minds and experts in the field, Archifar is that alternative source. From the research and development of quality products to a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions, hand in hand our mission is to address the ever-changing environment of health and wellness in tandem with the consumer awareness of today and tomorrow.

Rooted in the science of care, at Archifar we believe that health is a fundamental right. The standard of quality care is and must be synonymous with standard quality in life. From the local supermarket to the doorstep of each household, at Archifar we strive to emancipate consumers with access to the tools to address the health needs of them today towards shaping the posterity of their tomorrow.

Dr. Tariq Ikram | Ufficiale
Officer of the Order of the Star of Italy

Global Chief Executive Officer & Group Vice President

We can't deny that we are seeing a shift in consumer attitude when it comes to making better informed choices. Be it for societal welfare, a responsibility to the environment, to maintain a certain standard of living or to nurture and improve their health, the average consumer is more conscious than ever before.

When deliberating what products to add to our portfolio, the team here at Archifar takes into account the same values and conscientiousness that our consumers wish to reflect in their choices.

Creating high quality, functional products sits at the core of our enterprise. Being made up of a team of professional individuals who understand the importance of having reliable, dependable household brands, our vision for Archifar is seeded in creating a single household brand that provides in full. We want to make sure that anyone buying Archifar products feels confident in what they have chosen and are able to go about their responsibilities leaving the little things to us.

Melike Tunçoku
Global CEO & Vice President
Archifar Group of Companies


Archifar 360°

Rooted in the science of Care, at Archifar we believe in Healthcare 360 degrees. Archifar provides accessible everyday solutions to the ever-changing environment of healthy nutrition and wellness products.

Archifar's broad portfolio of functional food products caters to a wide range of customer nutrition preferences and tastes.

Archifar's Oral Care and Wellness products fulfill customers' health supplementation and oral hygiene needs.


Founded In The Late 1920s

Founded in the late 1920s, Archifar began operations as a small pharmaceutical factory and facility in Milan, Italy, becoming one of the first local pharmaceutical exporters in the region. Leading the way in life sciences research and development, Archifar became recognized by the global pharmaceutical community as a forerunner in the delivery and distribution of innovative drugs and technology. This set the stage for Archifar’s success in manufacturing, packaging and distribution of quality centric and trusted products.


Ikram Siddiqui (standing fourth from the left)

He arrives in Pakistan after the partition of the subcontinent.

Leaving everything he knew behind in Lucknow, India, Ikram comes to Pakistan with nothing but his ambition, drive and the dream of a better life for himself and his family.


Ten years later

Fueled by his determination, business acumen and entrepreneurial drive, Ikram inaugurates his pharmaceutical company and Opal Laboratories was born.


Established a joint venture

In Milan, Italy, Rita Rota is a shareholder in an Italian pharmaceutical company, namely Archifar. Acting as a liaison to Pakistan, Rita and Ikram were able to align Opal and Archifar initiating and establishing a joint venture. This was soon to be followed by the commission of two pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in Opal (in Pakistan), with the collaboration and support of Archifar.


Opal Laboratories Pakistan

Rita Rota, now known as Mrs. Siddiqui is made COO of Opal Laboratories in Pakistan becoming one the first female entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical sector in this region. Working alongside Chairman Ikram Siddiqui, they revolutionized local practices within Opal Laboratories, instituting global standards and operating procedures. Mrs. Siddiqui created an optimum working partnership between Opal Laboratories and Archifar.

Mrs. Siddiqui was also instrumental in setting policies and governance practices in the regional pharma manufacturing industry. Alongside being the president/chairperson of Pakistan’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association (PPMA), she was an advisor to the President of Pakistan regarding certain policies and rules of engagement in and for the pharma sector, setting benchmarks that are still adhered to till present.


Joint venture - Opal Laboratories and Archifar

After alignment of Opal Laboratories and Archifar, the Chairman Ikram Siddiqui met with an untimely death, resulting in the halt of operations for the joint venture between Opal Laboratories and Archifar. Mrs. Siddiqui dedicated her time, energy and business acumen to further transform Opal Laboratories PVT into a thriving pharmaceutical market leader. Archifar sans its dynamic leadership is temporarily dismantled, while Opal continues to thrive in the subcontinent market.


Archifar was reestablished in 2021

Lost but not forgotten, Archifar was reestablished in 2021, spearheaded by the vision and ambition of Mr. Tariq Ikram, who is the Archifar Group President and has over 40 years experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing, marketing and distribution industries.